I'd Like to Buy a Vowel

It's fun to wake up at the exact moment your gym class begins.
It's fun to realize you were too out of it to set your alarm the night before.
It's also fun to say, "scratch that," and to go back to bed for an hour longer.

Sometimes just before you're supposed to go to your biology class where a quiz is waiting, your nose begins to bleed. Sometimes the nosebleed stops. Sometimes the nosebleed starts up again. Sometimes you're twenty minutes late to biology and you miss your quiz.  Sometimes your professor calls you out on your tardiness and interrogates you in search of the reason you were late. Sometimes you tell the whole class that you had a nosebleed. Sometimes you feel really awkward. Sometimes your professor picks on you during the lecture because of your tardiness and asks what an enzyme is. Sometimes you don't remember that an enzyme is a protein. Sometimes you feel really awkward when you know you should know that an enzyme is a protein, and the whole class laughs at you from inside their brains. Sometimes your professor makes a disappointed face and explains to the class that an enzyme is a protein. Sometimes you write "An enzyme is a protein" in your notebook with underlines beneath "enzyme" and "protein". Just in case your professor decides to ask you what an enzyme is sometime in the future. Sometimes your professor picks on the other students, but only asking them to read simple sentences aloud for the rest of the class. Sometimes your insides roll into a ball because remembering that an enzyme is a protein is much more difficult than reading a sentence out loud that you could have read backward in the first grade.

It's nice when your professor lets you take the quiz you missed after class.
It's nice when that quiz is pretty easy.

I'll definitely be setting my alarm tonight.
I'll definitely walk around with a clothespin in my pocket. Just in case I have another nose incident.
I'll definitely never forget what an enzyme is.


Anonymous said...

Perfection? I think so.
You rock my life, Q. :)

jandbfjohnson said...

What is and enzyme, Bethany?

Alison said...

Was it an e? The vowel that you bought? You used the most of those. It must've been an expensive purchase.