Being some nine inches taller than the average American woman, I frequently receive glances of awe and wonder as I walk into public areas.

     The giant has emerged.

Then, when my fans stop snapping pictures of me (no flash photography, please) and stop pelting me with roses and gold coins, they ask me the question.

     "Do you play basketball?"

And then I start to wonder if their love is genuine.
     Do they only like me because they think I'm that girl in the WNBA?
     Will they only be my friend if I can dunk a basketball?

So, naturally, I have grown to dislike the tall=basketball assumptions.

It's nothing personal.

     But do you want to know a secret?

     Sometimes when I see a tall person, I wonder if they play basketball. And then I want to dash over to
     them and ask if they are completely amazing basketball players.

So, apparently it's just human instinct to make assumptions about people's athletic history.


Emily Young said...

I love your height. I love your blog. :) your posts are very creative. when I first met you I didn't think "Does she play basketball? or volleyball?" just so you know.

Paul and Shannon's Family said...

I love this blog. I went to Subway today and all eyes were on me. Then I know my every move is being watched. And yes those basketball questions do get annoying, especially when I have to say yes, then they say who did you play for. No not the U of U or BYU, sat the bench for Westminster thank you very much!

Kimbers Sorensen said...

I just love you :)

♪ Meagan ♫ said...

Haha, I love this. Story of my life. Seriously. But it's alright because I always console myself by saying that I'd rather be 6'2'' than like 5' even or something like that. And I've never played basketball either. Or volleyball. And then I'm told that my height is wasted. Jealouos much? I think so.

jandbfjohnson said...

I don't get comments anymore unless I'm with one of my tall, beautiful daughters. They get all the attention. That's okay with me.

Kimberly Jo said...

I don't get asked that much now that I'm older. I think my spectacular coordination speaks for itself, so they don't have to ask.

What I hate is when people say "you're so tall! Why do you have to wear heels?!"

I usually refrain from responses like "You're so short! Why do you have to wear flats?" Or "You're boobs are so huge! Why do you have to show cleavage?"

But it's a real effort.

Jessica said...

I tend to be the person saying "Wow she is tall!" now days. I think it's because I miss my tall family :)

jandbfjohnson said...

When I see a tall woman, I don't want to ask about basketball, I want to ask where they buy their jeans!