Issues. I have them.

Does this surprise anyone?

I do think. Quite often, actually. Thoughts root in and out of my brain, even when I do not water the roots. Sometimes I blog about those roots. And they trot right into my draft bucket.

And they stay there for a while.

And a while longer.

Those roots still lounge in my drafts. They are just thoughts that are not ready to become concrete, quite yet.

And did you know that I have a computer full of photographs? And when I say 'full', I mean that I do not have even a whole gigabyte of storage left on my computer.

So sometimes I think that it would be appropriate to post a photograph or two.

I cannot tell you how many times I have scrolled through all of my pictures.

And somehow, I never can find a photograph to post.

And somehow, I never can find any roots to post.

Here. Photos that have been snoozing inside my computer for a while. They have no significance to anyone, but sometimes a photograph deserves a blink or two.



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Drama Queen said...

I wish you would put your photos up as stock. I look at them and just want to use them in a manipulation. They're so pretty. :D