I figured out why I am single.
I thought it was because I am loud, obnoxious, immature, awkward, lanky, rowdy, and otherwise. And sometimes I snort when I laugh.

I was wrong.
It's because I spend my Friday nights working on math homework.
And I stay in my pajamas well after noon on Saturdays. Working on math homework.
Plus, I eat doughnuts for dinner.
And I eat doughnuts for midnight snacks.
And I eat doughnuts for breakfast.

This, my friends, is the life. Try it sometime.


Anonymous said...

*insert laughter*
Kudos. :)

Paul and Shannon's Family said...

I eat donuts for every meal too. In college it was the chocolate chocolate ones from 7-11. And now that I am no longer single I still eat donuts. Just marry a cop, that's what I did :)

Allig8or said...

Guys can be dumb. And they don't realize the true value of girls and their donut habits. You'll find one someday though. :]

jandbfjohnson said...

I want a donut. I always want a donut.

Jessica said...

Hahaha :) I am married and I also do all those things (even the snorting, doughnuts and pajamas). I am sure you will find a boy who will understand the importance of all the things you listed :)

Jessica said...

I also wanted to agree with mom... and "like" Shannon's comment :)

jandbfjohnson said...

You're single because you are young.