Let Us Bob Our Heads, Up and Down

Many people find my stages of obsessing over musicians exhausting.

I find my stages of obsessing over musicians exhilarating.

I have had many of those stages.

There was the Stacie Orrico stage. The Kelly Clarkson stage. The Fray. OneRepublic. Travis, mixed in someplace in the list. The Hush Sound. Aqualung, somewhere in there. Ben Folds also folded someplace in there. Coldplay. And a newly-developing appreciation for Weezer.



There are times when I am doing my homework. Those times are not often. But they exist. Sometimes. And sometimes I can't concentrate with music playing. Other times, I can. If I force myself to concentrate.

You know what? When I listen to Coldplay, I don't even have to force myself to concentrate. It just blends in with my brain.

Music and brain. Hand-in-hand.

I think that is why I love Coldplay so much; because the music can coexist with my thoughts without any stress or struggle.

So, let us all join hands and listen to more Coldplay.

And etcetera.


Anonymous said...

*hands joined* :)

Allig8or said...

I remember all of those musician stages. :]

Kiyna Christensen said...

ALEX! You totally stole my comment! that is exactly what I was going to say... I remember every single one of those stages. vividly. I liked the One Republic phase.

Brandon said...

Did you know that I used to be part of the band Coldplay? Then one day I asked them if we could do something different and write some songs that _weren't_ whiny, boring bullcrap. That's when they kicked me out of the band.
It was either because of that, or they found out I wasn't gay.