Save Them Grass

My twelve year-old sister just got in from walking home from school.

       "Dad! Can we turn the sprinklers on?"
       "Why not? The grass is dying!"
       "Because it's not time to have the sprinklers on."
       "Then I'll use the hose."
Then I came into the conversation.
       "You're not going to use the hose."
       "Then I'll use a bucket."
       "No, the grass doesn't need water. It's been drowning in snow all winter."
       "But sometimes the water from the snow doesn't go to the grass."
       "The grass doesn't need to be watered."

She wasn't satisfied with that, much.

I am glad the world contains hippie sisters who avidly support the vitality of grass and worms.

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Tugce Ulku said...

aww that is really adorable <3