Something's Missing

To start off, here is the state of my headphones at present.
I used to be able to stick it back together, stick it in my ear, and then listen to my sanity-stabilizer.

Now when I stick it back together and stick it in my ear:


It's really not a problem. I definitely have the tolerance for listening to music one-eared.

Did you know that Apple headphones are like thirty bucks?
But never fear. Amazon.com loves me, sometimes. So my two-dollar, first generation iPod headphones are being shipped at this moment.


Last night I returned to my town of educational purposes. I unpacked after the couple-hour drive. Got ready for bed. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Then, I looked at my desk and saw this:

Now, you need to understand. It is not an abnormal thing for light bulbs to be lounging on my desk.

But when I saw this particular light bulb, my jaw dropped. And I stared. And I blinked. And I likely blinked again.

Rest in peace, decor. Rest in peace.


Anonymous said...

This post is perfection. Words, pictures, and all! All of your posts are, though. Kudos :) "Rest in peace, decor." Beautiful. :)

Paul and Shannon's Family said...

The first picture of the light bulb is my favorite but I like them all. And I can picture you blinking too, haha.

Eeshie said...

Goodness, I hate listening to music one-eared. The same thing happened to my headphones!