Crabapple Jam

Over a year and a half ago, I compiled a list of things that I wanted to do before I left my little, three-mile radius of a town.

1. Make crabapple jam
2. Have a picnic located on the library’s elevator
3. Tour the catacombs
4. Sit out on campus and paint
5. Go onto the roof. Well, a roof, really.
6. Create a mural
7. Ride a tandem bicycle
8. Find someone to ride the alleged bicycle with me
9. Somehow manage to learn a new song on the piano
10. Take a photographic masterpiece
11. Find a trapdoor
12. Use it.
13. Set someone up on a date
14. Build a blanket fort
15. Build a snow fort
16. Stargaze in the football field
17. Make a documentary
18. Paint light bulbs
19. Find buried treasure
20. Get a black eye (Only so I can say it was caused by a skydiving accident when people asked about it.)
21. Climb a slanty tree
22. Slaughter the rules in my 2D Design class and make my own art
23. Continued from #5, blast music from atop the roof
24. Go fishing using leftover fishing wire (leftover from hanging light bulbs around, of course), ice cream, and
      no-bake cookies
25. Rappel down the Activities Center
26. Tie sheets together, climb out my apartment window
27. Staple pillows to the wall. Mosh pit.

My Success:
I somehow managed to accomplish #9
I took plenty of photographic pieces, (#10), but I am not sure any of them were the master kinds of pieces.
I participated in #14, but I don't think I was actually useful in the construction.

Three out of twenty-seven.
Does that count as successful?


Janalyn said...

oh my goodness, i will drive down to ephraim just to have a picnic with you on the elevator, genius!

Anonymous said...

Black eye. Perfect.
Staple pillows. Even better. Except, you might have to pay for that.
Painting light bulbs sounds just as delightful as making those colorful balloon things, and kissing balls. Oh, art. :)
Q, you're the besssst.
3 out of 27 is basically..96% (that's what we learn in 1050)..so, I would call that success. Maj. (major).
Love, Broney :)

Alex said...

Ya know, I think the important part is in making the list and having goals. And you did accomplish a few of these and then went on many more other adventures that are equally as awesome.