This my explanatory disclaimer.
I posted a poem yesterday.
It was sitting in my drafts for some time.

I was hesitant to post it.

Know why?

Because I knew that when people read it, they would interpret the deep, figurative perspective of it.
But, too bad for the people who read it. That was not my intent.

I wrote it in the most literal sense that I could.
It was a play on words. Being "used", and all.

So. I do not claim any interpretations that anybody makes regarding the poem. Unless their interpretation was, "Oh. She was referring to a pencil the whole time."

I probably just removed the fun from poetry. But, being a poet, I hold the right to do so.

Post script: Poor pencils.

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Alison said...

1. I knew it was about pencils.
2. This reminded me of your poetry. It's kind of long - 18 minutes - but it's good. I don't like much the way the speaker presents, using tons of actions and stuff, but what she says is cool. There is that random part at the end about reincarnation, but hey. You should watch it.