High Stress?

I have some advice.

Look through your iPod. Or whatever compilation of music you possess. Find the album(s)/artist(s)/song(s) you used to listen to a lot. If you are like me at all, you will find the album(s)/artist(s)/song(s) that you used to put on repeat. Repeatedly.

I can't even tell you how bizarre it is right now; I am listening to The Fray. If you knew me two or three years ago, you would likely understand that I might as well have hired a wedding planner for The Fray+Bethany 4evr wedding.

That would have been the best wedding ever.

So, back to my previous statement, "I can't even tell you how bizarre it is right now." It basically takes me back  to the same emotions/feelings/et cetera that I had Once Upon A Time.

Not that any of those were significant at the time, or even now.

It's just a blob of memories and nostalgia all emanating from a thread of tunes and mesmerizing vocal amplifications. And I like it.

So, if you happen to be stressed with... like, finals, or something random and never-occurring like that, I recommend that you listen to Once Upon A Time-type music. You'll love it.


Janalyn said...

bethany, i secretly think our brains have some sort of crazy connection! I have been doing the exact same thing for the past few days, except I am listening to what some would consider completely lame music, like josh groban....i'm a classical music nerd at heart.

Stoker said...

A tragic side-effect of this is association of good music with a good person, but when good person becomes bad person, music is no longer good, either. It takes some time to get the happy back.

Jessica said...

I think I'll have to go pull out my NSYNC CD's now :) Haha... maybe not...

Maybe I'll stick to Rascal Flatts. It's been awhile.

Alex said...

Stoker, I hate that too; it's no good. And Betho, that's a good idea. Your Fray wedding would have been an awesome event.