A Recommendation

Sometimes I eat lunch in my bedroom.

I also sometimes eat breakfast, brunch, afternoon snacks, dinner, desserts, evening snacks, midnight snacks, and otherwise in my bedroom.

This sometimes becomes problematic.

About 49 seconds ago, while I was distracted and looking at lovely blogs, I looked down and realized that a considerable amount of the slab of cookie dough I purchased yesterday had been consumed. Slightly disgusted and slightly satisfied, I put my fork down, covered the remains of cookie dough with its plastic wrap, and blinked at my lunch plate, lunch cup, and yesterday's cup that were all contently resting on my desk and windowsill.

Before I ate lunch, I washed the other pile of dishes that had been lounging on my desk. I guess I could have waited to wash them; who doesn't want dirty dishes to keep them company as they travel through blogs?

It is a great habit for a person to eat things in their bedrooms.
Dishes can make great decorations. Especially when they are ketchup-covered.
Cookie dough can help add some pounds so as to keep one warm during the dark, dreary, impending snowstorm.

I recommend it all.

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Anonymous said...

*insert all the laughter that you just heard*
You rock. :)