Some truths:

I like when I remember that I'm in college and I can leave the classroom early if I feel like it, no questions asked.

"Ricochet!" by Shiny Toy Guns is a song that I have enjoyed listening to recently. I am not sure why, considering the fact that I usually have zero tolerance for any music containing screamo qualities. I have been told that some of the music that I listen to is whiny (I really appreciate when this is pointed out), and this song also has some singing that could be considered as whiny. So I guess that end of why I like the song makes a little sense.

Paper swans are nice. Sometimes I doodle them dangling from string, like I sometimes doodle light bulbs. (And like I sometimes decorate with light bulbs.)

Sometimes I turn off my alarm without realizing it. Which results in me waking up an hour later than planned. And I'm fine with that. I slept for eight and a half hours.

Sometimes I sleep for eight and a half hours, and I'm still tired.

Sometimes it is hard to know where I stand, but all I know is that I am standing.

Today I started writing "above" with a 'u' instead of an 'a'. I think my illness called 'spring fever' has something to do with it.

I love when I find a song that I love immediately, rather than having it grow on me.

You know when people capitalize letters to draw emphasis to the word? The letter/word 'I' bothers me when capitalizing it doesn't draw emphasis, it only makes it grammatically correct. Not that I have a problem with grammar that happens to be correct.

Studying is not what you would call my 'forte'. 

Postponing studious behavior is what you would call my 'forte'.


Stoker said...

Add a like button. This is worthy.

Alex said...

You are classy. In so many ways. Other than maybe dangling paper swans by nooses.

Bethany said...

not really 'nooses'.
more like 'dangling paper swans',

Brandon and Grace said...

These are very good truths, simple and wonderful. I admire them...and you :)

Aabi said...

agree on the like button.
this was such a nice post. i dunno how to put it it was umm breezy. yeah! love the swans!

Kiyna Christensen said...

I really like the comment about I don't know where I"m standing, I just kow I'm standing. or something like that.