11:39 A.M.

This is why you wake up before 11:39 A.M.

Just in cast your mom knocks on your bedroom door and says, "You're wanted on the phone." And then you wonder who on earth would be calling you at a time like this. And you don't even realize that 'at a time like this' is just before noon because you are still half asleep. And you mosey over to the door and make sure your voice will be presentable on the phone. Oh, wait. It doesn't really matter if you sound presentable, because you recall that you haven't applied for any jobs yet. So whoever is on the phone will probably just deal with life and accept your just-out-of-bed voice.

And then you open the door to your mother saying, "You won U2 tickets...." with a smile on her face. Then you pause everything around you and think, "Oh. Wait. She cannot be serious. She is getting back at me for waking up late every day. But then you think that maybe it isn't that late right now. So why would she get back at you? And then you think that maybe she is telling the truth, because she tends to do that.

So you widen your eyes and grin. And hold up a rock sign. And your mom smiles excitedly back. So you are pretty sure this is real.

Then you answer the phone. "Bethany. This is [Insert male name that begins with a 'K', or something.] from My 99.5. You're still in bed? It's 11:39."


And he goes on to say that you won tickets to U2 and The Fray. That one sold out concert that you have been wanting to go to ever since it was postponed last summer.

And then he gives you the little details. And sets you on your way.

But then you realize that you were in bed until 11:39 A.M. And you think, "Some things never change. I hope none of that conversation makes it to the radio."

And then you squeal for joy because you are going to The Fray.


Mallory said...

thats freaking awesome!

Aabi said...


Jessica said...

That is funny, and exciting! You rock, have fun at the concert!!

Alison said...

Bethany, I'm so excited for you! That'll be so awesome!!

Paul and Shannon's Family said...

That made me laugh. I guess you will be before 11am from now on? I can't imagine sleeping in until 8:30am. Anyways you rock! Enjoy the concert!!

Jana said...

I have a story to share with you. Yesterday I won movie passes from KBULL 93. It wasn't too thrilling, but then they said I was entered for a chance to win tickets to Disneyland . Now that, was thrilling. But they said I would get a call during the 7 o'clock hour if I won. I remembered this story, of you answering the phone in your "I just woke up" voice, so I have been up since 6 waiting for a phone call..

Jana said...

because I didn't want to answer the phone with my "I just woke up" voice.