Clothing Style: Apathetic. I Feel Like Tacos.

So, I'm wearing this shirt right now. But that's not me in the picture, and my shirt is a large.

I'm not a large.

But it was five bucks, it's comfortable, and the color is nice. And I would wear it every, single day if I didn't care a bit about my social life.

I basically wear it every day.

That might explain my social life.

It's been through the washer probably more times than a normal, I-wear-this-shirt-once-every-seven-months shirt.

I haven't figured out why I'm so obsessed with wearing it, exactly.

But there are more colors at Target, and I'm considering replacing every shirt I own with a bunch of these large tee shirts.


Anonymous said...

I feel like you should ask Target to pay you for advertising.

Just a suggestion, yo. (:

Jessica said...

You should buy more... I think that shirt is cute on you :)

Shannon said...

Just don't buy white. Haha.

Katie said...

Totally have the same obsession. My entire wardrobe is starting to consist of just v-neck t-shirts in blindly bright colors, but I get them from Forever 21 :)