Hearing: Gone

You know the feeling when you have to turn the headphones' volume up for a video, then when you go back to your music it deafens you? I just re-discovered that feeling. Now I think I'm deaf, guys.

I haven't poemed anything in a while.

I haven't shot anything in a while.
             The camera kind of shoot.

Here is a small playlist of music I blast in the car, in my headphones, or otherwise.

My new deodorant smells like laundry detergent. A lot. It's true. Whether you wanted to know about my deodorant scent or not.

I think I just became a follower of like 548 new blogs. More or less.

I just like people. And their blogs.


ruthie.von said...

hahaha ok i love you. first of all. i need to know what deodorant you have. I love the smell of laundry. a lot. and i totally know how you feel about the hearing-loss AND the following. (i almost wrote flowing...)

Alison said...

That always happens to me in the car!

And also, I don't believe you. about the shooting thing. We all know, Bethany. We allllll know. Where else would all of those bodies have come from?

Cora said...

hey, lad, what kind of deod do you use?

Bethany said...

Ahem. I use a Dove pink kind. It's a flower scent, according to the label, but sometimes I just get a whiff of detergent.