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You know in the movies when the person boots the computer and it says, "You've got mail"?

Too bad that never happens to me. Instead, a little bubble tells me that I have no storage on my laptop. So I close the bubble. And apparently I really don't have any storage on my laptop, because as soon as I close that message, a new one saying the same thing pops up.

It's like my computer is trying to speak to me, or something.

It's like my computer is full of photographs.

It's like I really don't want to put any of my photographs onto CDs.


Mallory said...

i know how you feel. i had to put my bajillion pictures on an external hard drive. its pretty much full now.

Madi said...

okayyy, this is going to sound TOTALLY nerdy, and you probably were not looking for advice on this, buuuutt.

At one point at costco they had a 2 Terabyte external hardrive for only a hundred dollars.

can you even fathom??

I have a one terabyte and i am taking video constantly and i still haven't filled it up.

okay nerd out.

Stoker said...

Put 'em in the cloud.... I believe there are all sorts of free (or even not free) photography storage websites around, some with unlimited storage.

It's just too bad that anything digital is really perfectly secure. :( It's scary.

Anonymous said...

this problem is endless...
happens in ephraim,
happens in south jordan..
never ends.
hahaha ;)