Single Lens Reflex

There are six hundred new photos on my computer from two shoots yesterday, and I still feel like the collection is significantly lacking.

I haven't done much to my photography blog since the last time I talked about it. I just don't have the details figured out, yet. [The pricing. How long each shoot will be. What kinds of shoots I want to do. How I want it all to go down. Essentially, all the things that people actually care about.]

There is still still so much I need/want to learn about digital photography. It sounds so much more appealing to just work with film. When I used my dad's film SLR forty centuries ago, I knew that camera. It would work how I wanted it to work. 

But I can get my digital Es El Ar to do what I want, but with less flow, it sometimes seems.

I feel like film is more of an art, and digital is more of a convenience. 


Paul and Shannon's Family said...

You should post a picture from Brandon's and Becky's photo shoot. I can't wait to see your photo blog.

ruthie.von said...

i agree with your conclusion. people can take awesome pictures by tipping them and tapping them didgitally. Film takes precision, knowledge. so do you have a seperate photo blog???

Jessica said...

Do what you love. I always thought you'd do great with film. Research it and find a camera that you will love. Don't do digital unless it's what you want to do. You are awesome!!

Kiyna Christensen said...

Film is awesome yo. (: I love my film camera and I'm using it to teach myself how to use my digital
SLR. But there is something about using a film camera when you don't know that each picture is going to be stellar unless YOU make it stellar. (Not even sure if that is how you spell that, but whateves). I like film, but I'm learning to love digital as well. (: oh, and I love you. I gotta go write up that artichoke box now.

wish me luck!