Web Log

Twoooo Things:

It's easier to clean a closet bedroom than a normal-sized bedroom.

If the shoe doesn't fit, your name must not be Cinderella.

Plus, I have a blog. You're reading it right now. But that's not the blog I am talking about. It's a blog called a photography blog. The Bethany Johnson Photography kind. Except you can't see it yet. And also, that was weird saying my last name on here.

My last name is that, human beings of the world.

Speaking of human beings, there are some of those in the above photograph. Legs of humans. The picture is called "Ivory Justice". This is a picture that will probably not be on my photography blog. Because I plan on taking pictures of the face kinds of things, rather than the leg kinds of things.

Sometime soon I'll show you my photography blog.



Jana said...

This stands as one of the best photography adventures I have ever witnessed! And I am beyond excite to see your photog blog!

Jessica said...

:) Yeay!