Weezer & Parties & Feet

I dreamed about Weezer music two nights in a row. Two mornings in a row, I woke up with Weezer songs in my head.

I'm listening to my Weezer playlist on Grooveshark right now. I haven't in a while. Lately, I have just swallowed the two Cd's in my car, instead.

Hey, we partied today. Niece's birthday.

Jillian's hair looks ridiculously long in this picture. 
This has nothing to do with the party.

We trampolined at the party.

So I took pictures of jumping feet.

And my own feet. I do this a lot, I've noticed.

Now go listen to some Weezer.


Cora said...

*insert rock sign with added enthusiam*
you. are. so. rock.

Jennie Lever said...

I love you for loving Weezer. Telling people to listen to Weezer is always good advice, no matter the situation.
Also, I have an obsession with feet pictures. It's becoming a problem.