Almost Drafted

Sadly, my haircut today was not enough adventure to satisfy my brain taste buds. Although, I do feel slightly accomplished for chopping it off. It's much shorter than I am used to.

But adventure is brewing someplace else.

Neither Blogger nor Facebook is taking me to this "someplace else," however much I enjoy reading into other people's lives.

School's up in the air, employment is a laughable situation, my decisions regarding the future are entirely unmade.

Today I [re]realized that I belong quite elsewhere.

I thought, "San Francisco." I thought, "I could have been a nanny in San Francisco." I thought, "I could have been preparing to be a nanny in San Francisco. Before the end of this year." I thought, "Too bad I didn't get that nanny job in San Francisco."

But why San Francisco? I don't know. It just felt like it could have been a swell decision. Like a satisfying or effective or right or free-spirited or new or different or fulfilling act could have been set into play. Plus, the opportunity was blaring right in front of me.

And since that didn't work out, I obviously have to work with what I have. That's something called Life.

Pity this post will end up in my drafts, likely. If not, I welcome you as warmly as I can to my sphere of thought.

Pity I'm not offering something more visual, like a photograph, or something. I'm only offering a stream of words that had no use except for bubbling on the stove top.

I promise I'll have something posted soon that contains something for the right cerebral cortex of your brain to enjoy.

Hopefully that "something posted" involves adventures of someplace adventurous.


Jessica said...

Picture please. Of the hair. And come visit me ok?

ruthie.von said...

i want to see the hair too! and i think i kniw what you mean about san francisco. it's lovely. i'll actually be there late august.