A Fourth

On Sunday evening and for the first time this summer, I tagged along with my family and began trekking up into the ridges which were caused by years of movement across the earth's crust. In other words, I went to my cabin for a few days.

The car I rode in was a little Nissan. And the dirt road leading to our cabin doesn't really care for small cars. So we stopped at the main gate of the property and waited for my parents to come so we could hitch a ride in the truck.

At this gate, however, was a new little friend. A little puppy sort of friend. Just lying in the shade. Sadly, said puppy did not seem to be in the greatest shape. We knew that it was likely a sheepdog puppy. Because there are sheep roaming around the mountains. With dogs herding them. But this puppy was basically acting like it was starving. It was pathetic and heart-wrenching. So we waited with this puppy [a female which my older brother considerately named Li'l Brudder], but the truck to pick us up was nowhere in sight.

And so my older siblings contemplated. And decided that we would venture on the rest of the dirt road in the little car.

But Li'l Brudder was still lying pathetically and motionless by the gate. So we did what any law-abiding citizen would do; we stole the puppy.

But don't worry. The puppy promptly received food and water. And more food. And then it still wouldn't move. But my parents weren't too happy with their children running around like puppy bandits. So we drove down and returned the baby canine to its mother. And to the sheep. To my dismay.

And when we dropped her off, she even stood up for the first time. All by herself.

And you know that movie? Fox and the Hound? When the lady leaves the fox in the middle of the road and drives away? And it's the saddest thing ever? 

It wasn't like that at all. 

Because Li'l Brudder has her own family. And she's a sheep dog. So please. Dry your tears.


Jamie said...

I missed the first word. "As". I continued the story with the gate being the puppy. Very odd for a gate to be stolen. I was curious as to why if the gate was able to be stolen, why didn't you drive up the road?
I understand now. It occurred to me on my second attempt. Thank you for entertaining my mind and exciting my imagination by placing a simple two letters in just the right place. :)

Anonymous said...

Why is your writing so hilarious? Or pleasing, if you will. It gives my eyes joy. And my heart joy, too. :)

Shannon said...

Oh poor little thing.