That's my job.

I have other pictures on my phone.

Better ones, compositionally.

My phone was having issues exporting.

I'm making planners in an assembly line. Six and a half hours of picking up the stacks, putting them into the vibrating slot that straightens them out, checking to see if the hole puncher worked correctly [not the three hole kind, mind you], and then placing them into a neat pile on a cart.

Occasionally if the machine gets jammed, I have to open it, stick my hands into potential death and rip the paper from its jaws.

You should be jealous.

Because I am. And I already have the job. That's saying something.

Yesterday I was told that I can listen to my iPod. [It's really loud in there.] So today I may have some sort of entertainment and ear-break from the droning machines.

When I walked into my house at almost ten last night, my dad asked if I found myself a career choice.

I definitely found myself a career choice.


Jessica said...

Congrats on finding a job :) I am so very proud of you.

Jana said...

That is awesome!!! I am jealous!