A Constant

I have heard it a million times. "Life's only constant is change."

Every time I hear it, I ponderously purse my lips and I nod my head in a thoughtful fashion. Because how true is that statement.

Life is changing right now. As it must. But in a backward manner. It's morphing to what it once was. To a previous state, it feels like.

I think I am going to start being spontaneous. No, Really. Unpredictable. It always sounds like a good plan in my head, but my follow-through somehow dissolves like cotton candy on tongue. It is sometimes so easy to let my knees give out from under me and to just float down life. But maybe it's time for a kayak and a paddle. That way, I at least have a sip of control over my direction.


Don't worry, I'll be fluent in Metaphor any day now.


Mallory said...

I really enjoyed reading this post!

Shannon said...

Very insightful.