Now Put Your Hands Up

It was Alex's birthday.

We, the trio, frequently make an appearance at Vill Inn. Also referred to as Village Inn. It's tradition. So we went to put some grub into our bellies.

There was a large group of high school students occupying some of the tables. They left just before we did, and after we left, there they all were, chilling in the parking lot. Sitting outside of their cars. Hip hop blasted. Pumped up bass. Pumped up kicks, more than likely.

So Kiyna, Alex and I scampered over to my car, ignoring the awkward looks the high schoolers threw at us. When we got into my vehicle, I said, "Want to be obnoxious?" I turned the key, rolled down the windows, turned the radio up to the first song I found, and I pumped up the bass. "All The Single Ladies" wasn't the most gangster song I could have found, but we all found it mildly amusing.

So I started to back out of the parking spot and all seventeen year-old eyes were observing us skeptically. The three of us laughed and sang along, "...shoulda put a ring on it..."


The tire hit the curb on the way to back out. I braked. I blinked. I pulled forward. And I re-pulled out of the parking space. As "All The Single Ladies" and the high schoolers' gangster music blared through the parking lot, we experienced a very awkward moment.

But at least three of us were laughing hysterically.


Anonymous said...

i like it. :)
really, the curb part is the icing on the cake.

Kiyna Christensen said...

I'm seriously hiccuping with laughter. (: That was probably the best moment. of my life. (:

bahahaha! (:
Thanks for writin it beej!