Assuming you find relevance in the following words,

If I could tell you my life story in one post, I would. And by life story, I mean all of my recent enterprises of thought, experiences, dreams, laughs, confusions, employment, anticipations, smiles, adventures, and etcetera.

I may have been neglecting my blog for a minute, but rest assured, I have been keeping up with each of those lovely blogs I follow.

And now, I must dash off to some other happenings. All the while my fingers will be crossed; My brain will be contemplating photo blueprints; my stomach will be butterflying; My mouth will be smiling, frowning, whistling, and etcetera; The blog wheels in my head will be turning, and I will post the many thoughts in my head. Especially the ideas I have placed in my phone's drafts, and maybe some ideas I placed in my blog's drafts.

Until soon,

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Shannon said...

You rock!!