Muttered Uneloquence & Porching

I most of the time eat dried blueberries.

Sometimes I buy cheap Walmart tennies. Because I can.

It is much easier for me to pour eloquence into written words than into spoken words.

I find instagram photos attractive yet overused and subsequently unoriginal. But at the same time, does that make normal pictures overused and subsequently unoriginal?

Today it took me nine years before I actually got ready for the day. I went outside on the porch where my parents were sitting. I was still in my pajamas, my hair was ridiculous, and my face was unpainted. As cars passed us while we porched, I asked my mom and dad, "Does me sitting out here like this lower the value of our house?"

I'm not sure they ever gave me a direct answer.


ruthie.von said...

I can't even describe how much i love your way with words. Witty just doesn't cut it.

Jennifer said...

I too love how you describe things. That last paragraph had me chuckling quietly to myself. :)

Shannon said...

Maybe I should sit on the porch and it would raise the value. :) Anyways you made me laugh.

Alex said...

Didn't you bring the boys to the yard this morning? I guess the price of your house might go down if they break down your door trying to get to you.