If my last interview seemed like it carried potential but it ended up disintegrating into nothing,
Does it mean that today's interview that seems like a joke will end up being my employment?

I'm not sure if I should hope so, or if I should hope it actually ends up being a joke, after all.

The past couple of days I have been roaming back and forth from the refrigerator to the cupboard. Scavenging. However, certain things were missing. Edible food that I actually felt like eating, first of all. And some of the basics, like bread, second of all. So I have been satisfying my appetite with Chips Ahoy cookies and dried blueberries.

But then, today I opened the freezer. A beautiful loaf of my mom's homemade bread was hibernating. I shouted an exclamation of joy.

My dad asked me why I was so overjoyed.

Already pulling the ingredients for a BLT out of the fridge, I explained in a delighted voice, "I found bread in the freezer!"

He walked away and said in a narrator's tone, "And the peasants rejoiced."

I laughed for a while.


Jessica said...

Ohhh Dad. I love his comments, and miss them too!

Shannon said...

So silly!