Yesterday I was on the phone setting up an engagement photo session. I paced my back lawn because I often walk around when I'm on the phone. I'm not sure why. I just do. I recommend it; especially if you enjoy stepping on insects that sting you.

Poor little footy.

A tube of toothpaste goes a long way. I think I'm just about out of that tooth-shiner, and then I squeeze out a few more days' worth onto my toothbrush over the next jumble of days. Sadly, though, eventually all of the toothpaste is gone. Gone. And then you end up whimpering about it on your blog. Consider this my whimpering.

I may take up snail mail instead of text messaging. And instead of verbal communication. Both are detrimental to my social health. So I figure the postal service would only help me. My conversations would be extremely drawn-out, but probably also more tactful, intelligent, and sensical.

Interview today. I'm getting a lot of practice with those things.

Wish me luck, anyway.

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Alison said...

Use Campho Phenique! It makes stings not feel so sting-ish. I learned that after being stung at the cabin.