Benjamin Franklin On A Clear Day

Today was tragic.

The electricity went out. At first, crazed mobs swarmed the street begging the sky to release electrics into the outlets in their homes. Then, all was quiet and still. Because people realized that their televisions weren't working. That their refrigerators could only be used sparingly so as not to let out all of the cool air. They found that in order to shower, they would have to shower in the dark. And that washing their hair before work was out of the picture; How would their hair dry on time and straighten itself? The blogosphere was still. Facebook was unoccupied. The stove had to be lit with a lighter.

The world became unlaughably archaic. People began to foam at the mouth.

Nobody foamed at the mouth.

But they wanted to. Because the world was suddenly dark. Cold. Alone. Virtual-free. And dark. And cold. And alone.

And virtual-free.

I can't tell you how many times I tried to flip the light switch on. Even when I was holding a flashlight. Even when I was mentally complaining about the lack of electricity. My hand would automatically reach for the switch.

With no avail.

So I ran outside and rampaged the streets for a while.

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jandbfjohnson said...

It was like we were all at the cabin. It was fine, but I'm glad all my hard work didn't go to waste in the freezer.