As my family is well aware,

I have recently grown a mild distaste for the television. Psych. The Mentalist. I've watched those, recently. Other than that, it's all kind of a waste of time to me.

I think it was my Courtship & Marriage professor last semester who pointed out that we watch the tele when we are bored. Then the show is over and we're still bored.

Tonight I checked facebook. Then I checked who updated their blogs. I checked to see if anyone commented on my blog. I checked facebook again. Checked my email. Facebook. Then I thought, "What else is there to do on this screen??"

And then I realized. That there really wasn't much else to do while staring at a screen.

And I realized something else.

I'm tired of facebook being a daily ritual. Fourteen times a day. Same with blogger. [Don't hate.]

So I'm here to tell you that after my social networking/blogging binge,

I'm taking a break.

Basically, within the next little bit, I'm going to limit my computer time to editing pictures and satisfying my music addiction, and then I'll be reading A Series of Unfortunate Events, writing in my journal, and recording my thoughts onto a tangible piece of paper.

I just thought I would let you know.

Thank you for your support.

Over and out.


Jessica said...

Smart. You are right. I do the same thing. Email. Blog. Facebook. Pinterest. A lot of time wasted. It's what I do when I'm bored. Thanks for reminding me :)

Cami said...

Funny thing is - I just turned off my TV, thought how lazy I am and how I watch way too much TV....then I went to your blog and read this.

Gotta go. Have to do dishes before Castle is on! :)

Shannon said...

You rock, its hard for me to get on the computer everyday. But I have kids, so there is never boredom here.

jandbfjohnson said...

I liked Cami's comment.