Nearly Falling

It feels like fall has melted into place this year. Rather than winter biting into summer, causing me to be ornery and bitter toward the current axis of the earth.

Some years I feel like fall never really exists. And then I dread winter, I hate winter, and I wish winter away.

This year, I've come to terms with the shifting seasons and tilting planet.

I am not promising a permanent complacency, but only declaring my lack of hatred toward the diminishing hours of sunlight each day. 

However, I am hoping my content attitude regarding the chilled air lasts for a few minutes longer.


Jessica said...

I felt the same way about fall (or the lack of fall). I love fall here though! It is my favorite season now... though I don't like that it means winter is around the corner.

I love, love your blog changes. Do you want to help me change my blog up a bit?? :)

Shannon said...

Yes you have a way cute blog, did you scan in those pics on the side, love it! I like fall, better than spring. Even though in spring you know good weather is coming, I always feel like there is no spring just a drawn out winter. And when fall arrives it makes me excited for the holidays :) Gotta love Santa!!