It is nice when you discover that you really don't have unlimited photo space on this whole blogger deal. Google's a smart cookie in that regard.

I don't have a list of people I hate. I have a list of people who hate me.

I finally have a real blog header. If you hate it, I'll probably add you to the list of people who hate me.

Sometimes the Grooveshark playlist I listen to gets old, but it's the only thing my ears are comfortable with right then.

This song is a nice reflection of life, to put it vaguely. It has three stages within the song, and I enjoy each one.

I have infinite tasks to do in the photography area of things.

Happy Candy-Begging Day; Welcome, winter months.


Jessica said...

I love your header... I am no hater :)

Anonymous said...

Q, if your blog doesn't stop kylling me, then...

Shannon said...

You must love your toesies!