From Before

I went national-parking with three of my sisters. Ten months ago. I posted a few and a few more pictures not long after the trip. Then I moved on with my photography and with blogging.

Fast forward to right now and I haven't much to say. I haven't photographed anything lately. But I felt like posting something for your eyes to pace over. So I did. Exhibit A is placed above.

Also, the third picture up is not a picture of wand-imitating. It's stick-racing on a bridge. You see whose goes under the bridge first, and I've done it since I was a small person.

And when I said "I haven't much to say," I really meant "I feel like I have a million thoughts inside of my head and you probably don't want me to start on a rampage; plus I wouldn't even know how to pretend like I'd know how to organize my thoughts into a coherent, normal, organized, and effective manner."

Then again, does that ever happen?


the {Postscript} blog said...

totally know what you mean by the jumbled thoughts, happens over here all the time haha. lovely pictures! And can I also say that I love your blog header!!

Mom of 12 said...

Bethany! You played Pooh Sticks! Did you win?

Jessica said...

Love the stick racing picture and the one of shannon :)Call me sometime and we can talk... even if your thoughts aren't coherent, normal or organized :)

Shannon said...

Oh I want to go back. That trip was so fun!

Camille said...

The trip was so fun. We need to go when I am not recovering from being in bed for a week with the flu! I had fun, but I was just so exhausted the whole time!