She went to the store to buy a label machine
Then she came back and put a label on me.

The label said “clumsy”, “dumb”, and “mean”
On just one tiny label, but it was easily seen.

She went and placed labels on all in sight
And I saw what she saw, only seeing in one light.

I was surrounded by babies, by whiners and brats
Only noticing by the words on their shirts and their hats.

She went to the store and bought a label machine
Altering my thoughts; I only saw what she had seen.


Shannon said...

Did you write that? It is good.

Alison said...

I shared this on Google Plus. Me gusta. It reminds me of the book about the stickers that only stick if you let them. Is it You Are Special? something like that. Anyway, it reminds me of that book.

Mallory said...

so very good.

ruthie.von said...

I love your writing. Share more often?

Clara Turbay said...

great blog.


Jamie said...

Q, The Brilliant.