Tuppence A Bag

Basically I dislike when every time I open iTunes it pops up with a suggestion to download the latest ten-point-six-eight-point-thirty-six-point-seventy-three update. Or some number around there.

Basically I love when I can say "one more day" with a sigh of "I forgot time actually passes sometimes."

This morning I opened the shop. I started bringing the old sleds, Christmas decor, etcetera out to the porch. The shop is right next to a little river, bridge & mainly ornery ducks included. From across the river I heard a woman's voice calling to the birds. I turned, curious to see if she thought the birds would respond to her voice. They did. They all quacked and swam over to her. And she fed them.

It was like Mary Poppins all over again.

They're married now.


Camille said...

Good job on the pictures! I like!

Shannon said...

I always click the "remind me later" to the newest version of anything hoping Paul might download it. And I love the wedding pictures!

Alex said...

Looove these. They are so picture perfect. : ]

jandbfjohnson said...

Great pictures. Good job!