Ante Meridiem

I cleaned my room yesterday. Maybe you don't find the event to be significant. But it's significant.

And redundant. Because I've mentioned the same news more than once on here. Oh, well. Old habits die hard in the category of not keeping one's room clean.

I washed my clothes. I washed my sheets. I dried my clothes. I dried my sheets. Except I dried my sheets right before I wanted to go to bed. So I lay on my bed, anyway, and just thought. And waited. And inevitably fell asleep.

I made my bed at just before six this morning. Paired with that's just about when I finished getting ready for bed.

So I basically went to bed at six a.m. today.



Anonymous said...

hey. we literally went to bed around 7:30 this morning. not joking.


also, good work on the cleaning of items.
i did laundry yesterday, too.

Shannon said...

I got up at 6:00am. But sometimes sit on my couch wanting to be in my bed, wishing I could just get up but I'm so comfortable that I fall asleep. Then I wake up and move to my bed and it feels like I got less sleep that way.