Titles To Date

Bethany: Name given at birth

Bet: Nickname used through fourth and fifth grade

Frank: Spurred from Oliver and Company. After quoting the bulldog at a primary activity, a group of girls then began using the nickname
Franky: See "Frank"

Bethania: Used by a family friend when I was little.

Beth Ann: Used by my uncle today.

Bethers: Used by girls from church; Used today

BJ: Initials. Used today by only one or two people
BeJo: The first two letters from my first and last name. Never really used. Just spurted some other notable inspirations of names
Beej: Stretched from 'BeJo'. Minus the 'oh'. Frequently used today by close friends
Beejaloni: Rooted from Beej. Used today by close friends

Beejee the Squeegee: Rooted from Beej.
Beej the Squeeg
Squeeg: Used quite frequently by close friends and select others.

BenyQ: Pronounced "B'neek". Rooted from a time I jokingly spelled my name with a silent 'Q'. A roommate spontaneously wrote "BenyQ" on a flyer that was lounging in the apartment. Therefore creating the lovely nickname
Q: Shortened version of BenyQ. Used by roommate friends (along with all Q-rooted nicknames listed below. And any other Q-names I may have unintentionally forgotten). Ever so rarely do they call me by my first name
Queb: Pronounced "Cube"
Quebeth: Pronounced "Que-bith"

McBethany: Used today

Beth: Used by coworkers. I normally don't let people get in the habit of using this name for me, but sometimes it just subtly slips in. But really, to me, Beth ≠ Bethany.

But certainly Franky, Squeeg, Q, etcetera = Bethany.


Anonymous said...


jandbfjohnson said...

It's Bethany to me. I love your name. As soon as we came up with it, there was never a question about it.

Shannon said...

It sounds kinda like a my little pony.

♪ Meagan ♫ said...

My roommate's name is Bethany. We never call her Beth either.

Jana said...

Beth definitely does not fit you...not one bit.