Basketball game tonight. With some of the women from church. It was swell. Then we lost.

Afterward I ate two burritos and drank a gallon and a half of milk. Then Kiyna suggested Coldstone. Naturally, I couldn't pass that up. So we got in my car. [I use the term 'my' very loosely.] A pair of fake glasses were sitting there. They were white and mildly large with little jewels lining the frames. Outrageous. And totally fabulous. So I put them on. My little sister, Jillian, got them from a birthday party she went to today, I could only assume.

So we arrived to Coldstone.

"Should I wear these glasses inside?"


So I did. Along with my snow boots, sweatpants, t-shirt, and hoodie.

And I looked great. Even ask the girl inside Coldstone. The one who widened her eyes and muttered profanity when she saw me. And told her guy friends how fabulous I looked when she thought I was out of earshot.

Then I ordered cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears in it. Because, hey, what else do you mix in with cotton candy ice cream.

And that girl left as soon as she could to see if she could get a hold of some white glasses with bling on them at ten o' clock at night.


ruthie.von said...

Hahaha don't you love that?

Jessica said...

Nerds. I used to mix nerds with cotton candy ice cream.

You rock. I'm on my way to get my own pair of white glasses.

Barbara said...

What other kind of ice cream would have been better than you got dressed like that? Perfect.

Shannon said...

Don't you wish you could be more like that girl? Maybe someday.