I ain't no photographer.

I have so much to learn.

Sometimes I look at the loveliest of others' photography.
And I think, 

"I feel like something like that's in my brain..."

But it doesn't seem to always show when I look through photographs taken.

Art is confusing.

I'm an artist; I swear I am.

I claim the title.

But sometimes it's hard to claim the term "art" when 

photographs taken perhaps lack it more than I'd like.


ruthie.von said...

You're an artist for sure, milady

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was almost livid with my drawings for my online art class, but was able to cheer up at the photography part by thinking, "Even if my drawings suck, I can still take a nice photograph." or something along those lines. Also, I saw in my old journal the other day how I wrote about you helping me to realize my appreciation for art. So, yes. Art can be discouraging sometimes, but also so very rewarding. You are a wonderful artist. Don't doubt that. :)