This song comes on [almost] every day at work. It has a weird calming effect.

This song is my latest piece of approval.

My eyes are droopy. Not in a head-bobbing way. But in a my-bed-sounds-really-comfy-right-now sort of way. 

I'm at work. And will be for a while longer. Then back early in the morning. Wednesday/Thursdays are fabulous.

Someone is smoking in their room. I smell it in the lobby. I smelled it a while ago. We're a non-smoking hotel. But it's normal for people to walk in, ignore the "We are a non-smoking hotel" signs on the lobby doors, front desk, & in the rooms, along with the "no smoking" symbol on the room doors. It's a constant battle. But some people can't help it if their eyes go temporarily and sporadically blind every time they are within twenty-five feet of any type of lodging. I'm sure there is a medical name for it.

I will need a medical name to describe my condition by the end of next week. After covering for a coworker and working a lovely forty-eight hours. At least I'll be paid time and a half.

I will be paid time and a half.


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