I'm  [  t h i s  ]  close to being a student again.

Meeting Monday.
Registration soon after.

I need to find an dwelling-place.

Lately, but mostly last night, things felt so strange. It was a distantly familiar feeling. I mulled the feeling over in my brain.

I think it was that feeling that maybe things are in place. 

I've been putting school off for a while, now. 
I have been really indecisive.
Then I jumped into the decision of being a photography major.
Because I needed to just choose something.

And so far,
That jump seems like
Maybe it will lead to where it needs to.


Colin & Cora said...


Jessica said...

YEAY! That makes me soooo happy for you! What a big decision. I am so glad that you feel good about it. You will have so much you will be able to teach me ;)

What school are you going to?

Barbara said...

You'll do great with that major. It's so you.