Of all my experiences working in a hotel,

This one is probably the least strange.

Sometimes we move guests to a different room after they check in. Because they have a complaint. Smoke smell, vending machines outside of their rooms making sound, etcetera. Then the front desk clerk usually leaves a note to the other clerks mentioning the room changes made during their shift.

Last night 109 complained about their room smelling strange.

But let me tell you. It probably wasn't the smell of the room that was strange.

The head housekeeper (one of my favorite people) came to the desk asking me to come take a look at the now vacant room.

The alarm clock was on the floor, singing a rusty, echoey tune. The phone was sitting on top of the lamp. The comforters were strewn across the floor. The luggage rack was upside-down. There were garbage bags full of McDonald's trash (And they questioned the smell of the room.) The toilet paper was taken off the holder and set on top of it, instead. The towels were all unused, but the shampoo sat decapitated by the sink. The list of available television channels collected who knows what while lying on the bathroom floor. A tray from the refrigerator was removed from its rightful home.

There wasn't any damage to the room.

But sometimes I really wonder. What on earth goes through some people's brains.


Kaylee said...

Okay, I love your blog. I may stalk it from now on. :)

Alex said...

People are so cool... / super odd.