I don't want to sound arrogant.

But I am sometimes led to believe that some people like me.
I mean, sometimes people don't. And I guess that's fine.

But when they do like me, sometimes I wonder why. But I think I may have found a few reasons.

  1. I am accommodating to criminals.
  2. I don't shoo males away when I'm working (or trying to look like I am working) and tell them I'm really not interested.
  3. I'm a human punching bag (figuratively. Unless, of course, we're talking emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) for males who have had too much to drink and are locked out of their hotel rooms.
  4. I eat the sushi guests offer me. Half the time.
  5. I can fix the internet, the hot tub, and whatever other problems arise at the hotel.

Actually, ignore number five. That's a false statement.

Maybe that's why some people don't like me.

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