By 12:07 yesterday, every guest was checked out/up to date on their payments.

That never happens. It was wonderful.

At noon I only had on person left to deal with. So I called their room to see if they wanted to stay another night. The phone rang, someone picked it up, and then hung up. A few minutes later they called back.

Me: Front desk.
Guest: Hi, did you just call our room? Sorry about that, Bethany. I'm going to pay for another night.

It was a simple and typical conversation. But something was off. I thought I heard him say my name. I hadn't answered the phone with my name. I went to the computer and looked at his reservation. Apparently he'd never stayed with us before, and he only checked in yesterday.

But I brushed it off, figuring I had probably talked to him somewhere in time.

Guess what.

Through a nice chain of events and because he looked familiar to me when he came to the desk to pay,

And after his girlfriend hid from the cops by weening herself between the bed frame and mattress, because of the guest's use of fraudulent credit cards during his last stay, his use of phony names, and likely fake I.D.s, and later after he disappeared from the front desk after realizing what was going on and running from the cops,

He was arrested.
At gunpoint.

It was fine.
I need a raise and a promotion.


Jana said...

you have one exciting job!

Jamie said...

amen sista!

Anonymous said...

Your last line is perfect. :)