Trust [citation needed] Fund

It's like I'm being conditioned to trust nobody.

Doctors. Lawyers. Boys. CEOs. The human race.

It's not that I don't want to trust people. Because, more than anything, I want to. And a lot of the time, I do. And then I get flipped onto my back with the wind knocked square out of me.

Then I remember,
Oh, yeah. People lie. And I kind of hate it.

So I feel like there are two things I can do:
1. Trust, because trust is necessary, then pay the consequence.
B. Trust nobody, then pay the consequence.
IV. Be really cautious about whom I trust, 
and probably end up wrong anyway.

I'll be lying on the concrete if anyone needs me.


ruthie.von said...

I've never really thought about trust. Which is weird now that I'm thinking about it, because it's sort of essential to life.
I can probably just chalk it up to naiveté.

your post always make me think.
I'm trying harder to leave evidence of that for you.
I feel like it's the gift I can give you in return for your words.

Alex said...

I love the concrete image, even if it is a brutal one... There doesn't seem to exist a definitive answer.