Courses Regarding the Study of Light

Today I was going through the classes I am registered for
and the classes I will eventually be registered for in order to

I was relieved when I realized I've already taken
Photography I,
being a photography major, and all.
Because you can only handle so much 
while majoring in photography(?).

But I noticed something. I have a lot of
classes on my plate. A lot.

And I thought,
"I can't take those classes.
Those classes aren't for me."
Even when the prerequisites
lined up just fine.

I just feel a little scared.

And guess what else.
There's gonna be a lot of photographing around here.

And I'm not sure
how I feel about that, just yet.


Chelsie Clarke said...

IF you are by chance attending UVU, they have this fabulous degree called Art & Visual Communications. Its incredibly vague... you can basically take ALL the classes that you take for the photography degree... but if you get overwhelmed, bored, unnerved, halfway through... you can completely change directions as long as you stay within the Art/Art History fields! Something to consider if you're freaking out about your choice of classes! Though, I guess this only applies if you're going to UVU... I'm just assuming things here!


Kimberly Jo said...

You're so talented! Your photographs always inspire me and make me want to create something. I'm excited to see more of your work.