Puppy Love

Sept. 27, 1999
My mom & Dad went to Park City. They are going to be g-o-n-e gone for two days.

September 28, 1999
today Maggie (my dog) she was sitting down. I said "Maggie! Want some food?" Maggie tiped her head. She always does it. / Today I played horses at resses. It was fun and boring.

Dec. 7, 1999
Today I wrote on Jillian. My mom said, "Did you know what you just did? You tought Jillian to do it to!" So I felt wezzy, and imbarest.
       I miss Cougar still, for 7 months.


Anonymous said...

Stop making my dyyyyyyyyeeeee.

"It was fun and boring."

I love your spelling the most I think.
You R so rock.

"So I felt wezzy, and imbarest. I miss Cougar still, for 7 months."

Is Cougar an old pet?

Hahahahahahahaha....oh, Q, you make me laff.

Corina.:Lynn said...

Bethany, your are so funny, I think you mistyped the dates. It isn't september of 1999 or december of 1999 it is like September 27, 2012
and september 30, 2012
and November 7, 2012
Its okay, no judging

ruthie.von said...

Love love love these

Barbara said...

You were so cute! It's so sad you were missing Cougar for 7 months. I want to read more of that.