Backpack of Notre Dame

One morning in kindergarten, I was late to school for some unremembered reason. I had a coat, and being the little thinker I was, I decided to put the coat on over my backpack. It just seemed easier that way. I walked by the playground and over the asphalt where jump roping usually took place during recess. A little boy who was also walking toward the doors looked over at me, and under his breath he said, "Chubby." So I walked up to him, gave him a high-five and yelled, "Thanks, man! You are so nice."

Actually, I just kept walking and thought to myself, "Well. I'm never doing this again."
To this day, I never wear my coat over my backpack.


Colin & Cora said...

Sometimes I accidentally wear my coat over my backpack. I don't get called chubby, though, I just have a harder time getting out my keys.

ruthie.von said...

He probably didn't even know the meaning of the word.
As far as I can tell that word has never applied to you.
I love the title of this post.
and everything about you.
too creepy?

oh well.