This Is Your Brain On Dreams

For about the past week, I keep having vivid & kind of bizarre dreams. The kinds of dreams that when you wake up, it's the biggest relief that your life is way better than the ballet solo, all-your-belongings-are-missing, Batman/Joker, alligator, wolf-attacked dog, Clifford-sized Samoyed dreams you've been having.

Also, over the course of the last two mornings, I've woken up at least an hour before my alarm is set to blare. And I feel wide awake.

So I go through this conflict in my brain. Part of me says, "Well. You could just get up. You know, enjoy the morning." Then the other part of me is like, "Haha, no."

Then I toss and turn, and I feel like I will never sleep again.

And all of a sudden, my alarm is daintily chirping like a fool, and I wake up and feel like throwing my phone at the wall but there's no way I'm taking my arm out of my warm blanket only to exert energy that I don't want to exert because I want to sleep through the rest of every winter.

I think I should erase my life goal of becoming a morning person.

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