Tuesday: Truths

Sometimes I make myself think that I have to be invincible.

My attitude toward public transportation is as everyone's attitude toward the DMV.

Today I forgot my chapstick. The idea of going back home just to get it was not far from my mind.

I hate it when I take the first step on a staircase with my left foot. Call it OCD, but I can usually tell from a good distance from stairs if I'll have to step up with my left foot first.

Post offices scare me.

I'd always thought it was weird when people leave hundreds of (or even just a few) unread messages in their email inbox. As of a few months ago, I've become one of those people.

If I were to major in anything besides art, I would probably go in to something in the area of social work.

I wish I never quit ballet.

Sometimes I pretend like all of my drawing homework doesn't exist.

But it mostly does.

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